The impact of 5G on digital marketing

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Excitement around the next generation of internet connectivity is mounting, as it promises to revolutionise the way we interact with the world. The question for communications professionals is what will be the impact of 5G on digital marketing? More bandwidth, new experiences 5G vows to dramatically improve speed, capacity, and latency of internet connections thanks…

One nightmare scenario would be if we all get to the end of lockdown with our sanity but then find that we are too fat to get out of the door! In this short essay I am not professing to have found the solution to weight control. That is the Holy Grail of the dieting…

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted business and marketing plans globally, requiring B2B marketers to rapidly pivot their lead generation strategy to ensure their sales pipeline remains fuelled. Hosting, sponsoring or attending trade events has played a key role in generating leads as reported in a recent survey of B2B organisations indicating that investments into…

The brands that are stepping up to show solidarity during COVID-19 will be those that are remembered long after pandemic passes. The great Albert Einstein is credited for the proverb ‘adversity introduces a man to himself’, meaning that you can only truly discover who you really are and what you are made of when faced…


Mind the gap: Women in Technology

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Diversity is essential within any industry to open a company up to a wider pool of talent and employees with varied experiences and opinions. However, industries such as technology, where women only make up 16% of the workforce, are still very male-dominated. Fortunately, over the last few years, Women in Technology communities have become more…

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