‘Industry 4.0’ is the term that has been coined to describe the current industrial revolution that is shaping how manufacturing and utilities management is done. Informed and enabled by cheap, interconnected sensors, and robotics and automation, Industry 4.0 is bringing about unprecedented levels of cost and time efficiency. However, the introduction of these technologies has…


What can soaps do for symptom awareness?

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The BBC’s EastEnders and Channel 5’s Neighbours are featuring ovarian cancer storylines. We recently saw the death of Sonya Rebecchi, one of the lead characters in Neighbours, from the disease. Last week saw Jean Slater being diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer on EastEnders. But what does this mainstream representation of ovarian cancer mean for…

The healthcare industry has been no stranger to cybercrime in recent years; May 2017 saw the now infamous WannaCry ransomware attack cripple the National Health Service, as well as many other organisations worldwide. This was due to a patchwork of outdated IT solutions, like Windows XP, that made up a large number of its computer…

It’s safe to say the physical and cyber security industries are booming. Both are set to grow considerably over the next five years, with cyber security in particular arguably entering its most critical age yet, following the data-hack disasters we’ve seen over the last few years. Vendors in these sectors are therefore fighting for valuable…


Brand new to PR? Keep calm and pitch on!

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Entering the world of public relations (PR) I thought my understanding of what an average day would entail was comprehensive. My first 6 months as a PR professional has shown me that this was far from true. The pace and variety of the role, coupled with the diversity of the clients and projects has provided…

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