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Is the Media OVER-Hyping Software Vulnerabilities?

30 Mar - By The Say Team
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Is the Media OVER-Hyping Software Vulnerabilities?   We live in a world where internet access is now considered the ‘Fourth Utility’.  However, with more people and devices connected to the Internet it also means there’s an even greater reward for hackers who are trying to steal private information. As cyber-security has evolved over the years,…

Children and mental wellbeing

27 Mar - By The Say Team
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Two studies in two days have been published which allude to the fact that Britain’s children are not all that happy. According to Young Minds, @YoungMindsUK a mental health charity, over half a million of British children, under 16, are affected by depression or anxiety disorders. But fewer than 35 per cent receive the help…

Say Communications is working alongside Parkinson’s UK

12 Feb - By The Say Team
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Say communications is working alongside Parkinson’s UK, on a pro-bono basis, to support the launch of The UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network. The network was launched in February 2015, to bring together health and social care professionals to improve the diagnosis experience and quality of care for those affected by Parkinsons. The UK Parkinson’s Excellence…

Change4Life Sugar Swaps campaign

01 Feb - By The Say Team
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What are your 2015 New Year’s resolutions? This January the Departments of Health’s Change4Life campaign has kept with the theme of the Action on Sugar’s campaign which dominated the media last year, and has suggested ways for the public to reduce their sugar intake with their new Sugar Swaps campaign to bring in the New…

Is home cooking as healthy as you think?

16 Dec - By The Say Team
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This week’s media (including The Daily Mail and The Telegraph) reported on a recent study which found that people who spend more time preparing food were more likely to develop symptoms linked to strokes and heart diseases.   The researchers, from Rush University in Chicago, analysed 14 years of data provided by more than 2,755…

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