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Election 2015: What are the major parties promising for the NHS?   As one of the most visible places where taxpayers’ money is spent, the NHS is always a major talking point in the run up to an election. Here’s a look at what each of the major parties is promising.   Conservatives   David…

Longevity but at what price?

30 Apr - By The Say Team
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Longevity but at what price?   While perusing the Sunday papers I came across an article in the Sunday Telegraph that inspired me to put pen to paper. An anti-ageing expert, Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, Director of the UK–based Biogerontology Research Foundation, says that we all have the capacity to live to 150 years old! My…

Thoughts on the Government’s Do More Online Campaign

22 Apr - By The Say Team
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Thoughts on the Government’s ‘Do More Online’ Campaign   Every morning on my way to work I pass a large billboard advertising the government’s ‘Do more Online’ campaign, which encourages microbusinesses and sole traders to build a website, establish themselves on social media and sell their goods and services online. Intrigued I thought I’d delve…

Allergies – Always a story

20 Apr - By The Say Team
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Allergies – Always a story   It won’t have escaped your attention that its hay fever season once more. With the joy of spring and summer to come for many of us this is tainted by the effects of allergies to pollen and pollution.  It also ties in nicely with Allergy Awareness Week, which runs…

Will Microsoft’s Security Measures in Windows 10 Tarnish Open-Source Development? When Microsoft released its operating system Windows 8, it created a huge divide in the tech industry over the fundamental design changes that the company had implemented in relation to its previous iterations of Windows. The media fixated over the radical change and unfortunately all…

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