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Do chocolate bars seem smaller nowadays than in your youth? They do to me, and as someone who remembers when a Mars bar cost 27p (compared with ~60p today), that was quite a while ago. In this age of super-size portions and increasing consumption, why are chocolate bar manufacturers bucking the sizing trend? In a…

Where is Dadsnet?

08 Nov - By The Say Team
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Mumsnet is the UK’s biggest network for parents to swap advice, the site generates over 60 million page views and 10 million visits per month. It was set up in 2000 for both men and women, however besides the title of ‘Mumsnet’,  photographs of pregnant women and the chat threads with titles including: ‘feminism’, ‘8+…

Life hacks for the flacks

08 Nov - By The Say Team
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Life hacks. A new name for an old phenomenon – simple tips and tricks which make the everyday easier, but which you’d probably never have thought up by yourself. Like using a pencil to re-spool an un-wound cassette tape rather than your finger.* The internet is teeming with these – Buzzfeed posts hacks almost every…

Is oId age a bad PR story?

08 Nov - By The Say Team
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Barely a day goes by when we don’t see a story about old age. In the last eight weeks alone, there have been several different reports from high profile charities, NGOs, think tanks and insurance companies including, ONS, Age UK and Aviva among others. This week a story was released by Independent Age in partnership…

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