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Critical Success Factors for Digital Health

There are a number of challenges to commercialising digital health technologies and for technology companies moving into healthcare. Although new initiatives such as NHSX have been launched, penetrating the NHS is not a tick box exercise.

Digital Health companies are trailblazers in this potentially revolutionary new segment: there are no precedents or best practices for these pioneers. They will need to navigate the regulatory systems while dealing with varying levels of understanding and readiness to adopt digital technologies. In order to succeed and fast track adoption, Digital Therapeutics and mHealth providers need to distil their offering into clear, compelling messages for a wide range of audiences, forge relationships with stakeholders and gatekeepers, educate and take both healthcare professionals and patients on their journey.

We help Digital Health companies overcome their most pressing challenges:

Differentiating Digital Therapeutics from the well-being market


There are 318,000 health-related apps. But it is hard to separate those that merely pass the minimum technical requirements for download from an app store from those that are not only safe, but also have proven therapeutic value.

Our consultants are experts at reviewing clinical data, sharpening messages, crystallising positioning, de-risking the environment, and providing the support needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Kick starting early adoption


Finding the right approach to involve HCPs and patients at an early stage in keeping with regulations for marketing and communications activities is key to creating a snowball effect.

Questions about efficacy, effectiveness, privacy, data protection, and financial stability of the start-up providing the services will be raised, and our team can help you craft the answers, find testing and feedback groups, and match-make you with experts, KOLs and investors from pharmaceutical companies to solidify your position.

Demonstrating value for payers and decision makers


The additional benefits and cost-efficiency for digital health technologies over and above existing approaches will need to be demonstrated. Decoding technical features and translating clinical messages into practical benefits that resonate with difficult-to-reach NHS decision makers will be critical.

With a wealth of experience working in the orphan drugs and tech for health sectors, we are skilled at persuading decision makers that old, traditional ways are not always the best.

Engaging professional and patient groups


Endorsement by influential groups is key to winning the trust of your target audience and fast tracking the adoption of any digital health technology.

We can support companies in identifying and creating partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including patient and professional groups, the NHS or pharma to organise pilots, identify synergies and create collaboration and co-creation opportunities with mutual benefit.

Communicating the beneficial impact of digital health solutions


Translating your business case into a compelling narrative underpinned by a strategic dissemination plan across digital and traditional communications channels will be necessary for a successful launch, and to keep your stakeholders engaged in the long term.

We help companies create marketing and comms strategies that move people, driving impact at every turn. We leverage unique insights and a deep understanding of your audiences to tailor your story and create arresting materials to engage influencers in key channels, making you stand out from the crowd and establish your solution within your therapy area.

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