the acid test

Patient Centricity: The Acid Test

Most pharma companies want to put the patient at the heart of every aspect of their business. But how is your pharma marketing evolving in response to this commitment to patient-centricity?


  1. Do you have the right patient insights? How do you know what you don’t know?
  2. Are your brand priorities aligned with patient needs?
  3. Are you creating win-win opportunities with patient stakeholders?
  4. Is your HCP outreach informed by patient insights?
  5. Are you thinking holistically about your treatment in patients’ lives?


If you have answered no or not sure to most of the above, please read on.
Two key factors help to embed real patient relevance in brand communications. How do we do it?


Real patient insights


Listening to and understanding your patients’ needs can inform your brand plan for 2018 and beyond.

Increasingly patients and carers are meeting virtually via a wide range of social networks and online communities to ask questions, share information, and compare their experience. By gathering and analysing conversations on these digital platforms, social listening can unearth real unmet needs, wants, motivations, behaviours, and decision considerations. It can provide valuable insights on where and how to connect with and support patients, and what would make a difference to their lives, informing your social media and wider patient engagement strategies.

Social listening for patient insights using Say’s proprietary Listening Station™ is a first step to help you communicate better with your patients and achieve patient centricity.

Start Listening today to:
– better understand your patients
– unearth unmet needs
– develop comms strategies that resonate with your audience.


…a  HYBRID approach


Patient-centric programmes are driven by the need to communicate rather than sell product benefits.

First, by collecting valuable patient insights we can help you define the shape of your patient-centric brand strategy.

Next, we can create narratives that truly reflect patients’ perspectives and therefore better resonate with all your target audiences, creating a place for your brand to play a legitimate and rightful part in patients’ lives without providing all the answers.

Looking at the brand from the patient’s perspective, in a more holistic way will give your communications a new and uniquely strategic role and perspective at every stage of the brand’s lifecycle.

A HYBRID programme of communication can bring into play a variety of disciplines to ensure the patient perspective is retained throughout every stage of the brand plan – education, collaboration, co-creation, inspiration can all be part of the mix.

Find out how Say’s hybrid approach, integrating the best of PR with other disciplines, can bring communications programmes to life across multiple channels.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and see how a combination of deep insight and audience engagement
and our brand of hybrid communications can help your brand plan become more patient centric

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