Universal Robots Cobot Automation Tour 2019

  • Published: 12 February 2019,
  • The Say Team

Universal Robots’ UK Cobot Automation Tour 2019 tour kicked off today in Oxford!

Attendees of the first of five UK events were treated to talks from Mark Gray, Area Sales Manager for Universal Robots UK/Northern Europe, and spokespeople from SICK and SKF Motion Technologies whom discussed and demonstrated how straightforward optimising production can be when using cobots and automation.

Everyone attending was given the opportunity to test Universal Robots’ user-friendly cobots; experiencing for themselves the simplicity of programming and ease of integration to existing production lines. Both SICK and SKF demonstrated their automation solutions which were available to test by guests exploring automation options for their businesses. Among other things, this tour aims to illustrate that automation is not just reserved for big corporations with expertise in robotics, but an achievable goal for businesses of every size.

Universal Robots’ UK Automation Tour, will continue onto Manchester (19th March), Newcastle (16th April), Birmingham (14th May), and finally, finish in either Edinburgh or Southampton (11th July). To register your interest and secure your place go here.


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