What our agency is made of

We have evolved into a hybrid agency, bringing healthcare, technology and corporate communications programmes to life across multiple disciplines and channels.

We go beyond awareness, influencing positive behaviours and delivering change outcomes. Driven by insight, expertise and fresh thinking, our award-winning programmes are designed to create and leverage strategic opportunities in the environment that lead to relevant, positive and sustainable change.

Hybrid Thinking

PR is not dead, but it needs to evolve. We are hybrid thinkers, integrating PR with the best of other disciplines, to create programmes that leverage the disruption and amplification of new technology.
Influence is more important than ever but the traditional influence cascade has changed beyond recognition. We create and leverage strategic opportunities in the environment. Our programmes build bridges between organisations and broker effective dialogue between audiences.
Creating awareness is only the first step. Our communications support all the stages of adoption, leading to relevant, desirable and sustainable behavioural change.
Challenge us to show how our insight, expertise and fresh thinking could deliver positive change for you.

Hybrid thinking

We blend the best of PR with other marketing disciplines – taking a fresh approach to data-gathering and insight-generation to mine the most market intelligence – collectively enabling us to deliver creative and effective multi-channel programmes.  

Insightful strategy

True creativity is about setting the right strategic direction for a company or a brand – identifying the ‘killer insight’, harnessing the best opportunities, and deciding whether disruption, education or inspiration is the best way to achieve desired outcomes.

Informed influence

Our communications are  ‘influence programmes’ designed to take target audiences through different stages, from awareness through to adopting a new behaviour or making a different purchasing decision.

Motivating change

Good strategies fail over poor implementation and lack of follow through. Our approach looks to define the right call to action to motivate audiences through multi-channel delivery.

Sustainable progress

Our informed influence programmes are underpinned by rigorous measurement and evaluation systems – prompt troubleshooting, effective monitoring and reporting, ROI enhancement.

Stefi Rucci

Joint Managing DirectorHealthcare
Stefi heads Say’s healthcare practice and provides strategic marketing and communications advice to clients across the healthcare spectrum, including pharmaceutical, OTC and functional foods, the NHS, and the voluntary sector. She holds an MA in business communications.

Louise Stewart-Muir

Joint Managing DirectorTechnology and Corporate
Louise has 25 years’ comms experience, both in-house and agency. Louise is well versed in devising strategies and implementing communications and social media plans for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises within the B2B and B2C markets, across the globe. She is a qualified life and executive coach.


Global outreach, local presence

Plexus, is an alliance of like-minded, independent communications agencies delivering integrated communications on an international scale. Clients benefit from our local expertise and worldwide presence. Together, we make creating and delivering global campaigns simpler than ever. We provide advice and insights from local country experts and feed this into worldwide campaign strategies, that drive exceptional results. With the same business ethos, we share the same passion for quality and innovation.

Together we serve over 200 clients, across a dynamic range of B2B and B2C tech, healthcare and consumer sectors. With partner offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, and are actively working to further expand into new markets and territories to build alliances with other like-minded agencies.

Say. Academy

The Say Academy programme supports every consultant to enhance their PR and management skills and reach their full potential

Our comprehensive and dynamic training programme is bespoke to individual needs, with a mix of courses provided by leading training providers, one-on-one coaching and Say’s own internal skill training.

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Say. Thinking

Unsurprisingly, we’ve got a lot to say for ourselves and have a view on the issues that matter.

Check out our blog for opinion and insight from our healthcare, technology and corporate teams on the latest news and industry trends … and anything else which catches our eye.

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We have won awards and accolades for our work reflecting the quality and innovation of our programmes and our commitment to thorough execution.