Celebrating World Health Day 2021

  • Published: 07 April 2021,
  • The Say Team

As a healthcare comms agency, every day is World Health Day for us. It may sound cliché but we really do live and breathe all things health, from our casual conversations to the exciting campaigns we develop for our clients; health is the ever-present subject. Of course, at SAY we are a diverse group of individuals with our own hobbies, interests and experiences, but as a healthcare team the one thing we all share is that we absolutely love what we do!

For World Health Day, we wanted to reflect on why healthcare is a common ground for such a talented and creative bunch; why healthcare comms gets us out of bed in the morning and the trends we are most excited for.


What do you love most about healthcare comms?

“I love working in an industry of constant innovation where no two days are ever the same. We get the opportunity to work on such interesting programmes with inspirational people, all with a common goal of making a difference to people’s lives.”

“Being able to work on comms initiatives that can have a real, meaningful and positive impact on peoples’ lives… It’s a higher purpose than any other industry.”

“Gaining insight into a range of disease areas and innovations; working as a team through many unique activities to engage different target audiences – lots of variety!”

“Healthcare comms provides the perfect combination of academic and creative challenges”

“The opportunity to work across different disease areas – you’re always learning and finding out about the latest technologies and innovations in healthcare. I also like that we help to communicate important healthcare information and messages that can help improve the lives of others.”

“It’s a privilege to work on subjects that really matter, and to see that through the lens of patient groups, healthcare organisations and, most importantly, patients themselves.”

“Working in healthcare, the potential to play an active part in something which will genuinely improve someone’s quality of life or help a patient better manage their condition is huge. There’s also the variety; it’s always new challenges and new opportunities every day!”


What healthcare trends are you most excited for in the near future?

“I’m interested to see the legacy of covid; things like the extent to which we’ll adopt a virtual way of communicating going forward, the degree to which our attitudes will change when it comes to public health and so on.”

“I’m excited to see how far we go with digital innovation in healthcare, including how we use new technologies to improve patient outcomes and transform the NHS.”

“The applications of AI and deep learning in analysing population-wide data. It could help us uncover hidden insights about serious health conditions and really drive prevention, rather than treatment of these conditions.”

“It’s exciting to see the transition of many aspects of healthcare into the digital space; the importance of which has been especially highlighted by Covid.”

“Developments in the field of RNA technology which are likely to come from the Covid-19 vaccine. This technology is already gaining the interest of pharma companies with their potential to overcome antibiotic resistance and develop new cancer treatments.”


We are celebrating World Health Day, today and every day.

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