Stick or twist? What the healthcare environment looks like post-COVID

  • Published: 04 May 2021,
  • The Say Team

You don’t need me to reiterate the universal impact of the pandemic on our healthcare system in the UK. Beyond those diagnosed with Covid-19 and healthcare professionals working tirelessly to treat them, we have seen the indirect effects Covid on those with cancer, heart failure, mental health problems and so many more conditions that I couldn’t possibly list them all. The negative impact of the pandemic is undoubtable.

However, the silver lining (if there is one in all of this) is that there have been some transformations and advances in the way things operate in the healthcare industry that may prove to have lasting usefulness post-Covid. The pandemic forced us to make changes and shift ourselves out of our comfort zone as we adapted to a more virtual life, and while there are aspects of that virtual life I’ll gladly drop, there are some I’d like to keep. I’m sure there are many of us out there who cannot see themselves going back to visiting our local GP surgery when a video consultation is so much more convenient and demands less of your time (not to mention your GP’s time); and telemedicine is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are other examples in healthcare where we may see a lasting legacy for some of the changes made during the pandemic, and equally places where we will return to normality as soon as possible. In our new blog series, we will discuss some key areas across healthcare, and how we see them adapting to life beyond the pandemic.

Our first blog exploring the patient experience as we emerge from the pandemic will be coming soon. Take part in our survey on LinkedIn and make your opinion part of our blog:

By Lewis P.

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