In a World of Online Judgments, Take Control of Your Digital Identity

  • Published: 12 December 2023,
  • The Say Team

In today’s hyperconnected world, our online personas have become an integral part of our identities, shaping how others perceive us and influencing our lives in profound ways. With the rise of social media and AI apps, our digital footprints are under increasing scrutiny, making it more crucial than ever to manage our online presence effectively.

It’s why we at SAY have become very interested in Visible, a startup on a mission to put users back in control of their own data. Showing them how they’re likely to be perceived online by algorithms, people and businesses.

The company is a 2022 graduate of Plexal’s National Cyber Security Centre for Startups programme and has a long-term vision to cover all of a user’s online profiles. However, it is currently offering a free AI-powered report for LinkedIn which a number of the team have tried out and found invaluable.

Easy to use and taking just a few minutes, Visible seamlessly integrates into our daily online activities, analysing our social media interactions, digital body language, and overall online behaviour. It then generates personalized recommendations, guiding us towards becoming the best digital versions of ourselves.

Visible isn’t Big Brother, it’s decentralised, private-by-design, and for your eyes only. Without knowing, every keystroke, swipe, like, or browse online you make leaves a trail of data which paints a picture of who you are, and how you think. Friends, followers, companies, prospective employers and even criminals use this digital image of you to make judgements and draw conclusions about you. Your online behaviour creates a digital self that essentially tells a story about you.

Be well aware that the way you think you appear online is not necessarily the way that others see you. And that the way you are viewed by algorithms has a direct impact on your life, adjusting what you see and what sees you accordingly. That matters, whether your goal is curating a personal brand, safeguarding your privacy or more likely some combination of the two.

Visit if you’re interested in generating your own report.

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