Today’s B2B Buyer Journey is More Akin to a Bowl of Spaghetti

  • Published: 12 December 2023,
  • The Say Team

Today’s B2B buyers are carving their own paths to purchase. They’re increasingly well-informed, interconnected, & demanding tailored experiences. The average number of decision-makers involved in a single purchase has soared to 6.8, indicating a more intricate & involved decision-making process. With so many stakeholders involved, & the rise of digital technologies, including AI, the B2B customer journey has undergone a paradigm shift.

It’s no longer a linear path but rather a tangled web of interactions & considerations – akin to a bowl of spaghetti or a blend of Hankins Hexagon & the Spiderweb Sales Process.

While mass marketing can help attract potential customers, it is insufficient to nurture them throughout the entire sales funnel. To truly engage prospects & convert them into customers, more personalized tactics need to be employed. B2B buyers take indirect routes to purchase, revisiting & re-evaluating their options multiple times before deciding. By understanding the unique needs & challenges of each prospect, marketeers need to tailor their messaging & content to address those specific pain points. This personalized approach can help businesses build trust & credibility with prospects, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Rather than sharing top tips for prospect conversion we’ve flipped it and shared the pitfalls to avoid. 

  • Neglecting Top of the Funnel (TOFU):

Mistake: Focusing too much on the bottom of the funnel & neglecting generating awareness.

Consequence: Fewer prospects, so fewer conversions.

  • Not Knowing Your Customer Personas:

Mistake: Failing to create & utilise customer personas to bespoke your content & messaging.

Consequence: Ineffective communication that doesn’t resonate with your target audience.

  • Overlooking Lead Nurturing:

Mistake: Not nurturing leads through the middle of funnel with relevant & valuable (WIIFM) content.

Consequence: Prospects turn-off so don’t progress to the consideration stage.

  • Poor Alignment Between Marketing & Sales:

Mistake: Sales & marketing working in silos.

Consequence: Potential customers experience disconnects between marketing messages & the sales process.

  • Not Analysing & Adjusting:

Mistake: Failing to regularly analyse data & make necessary adjustments to funnel strategy.

Consequence: Missed opportunities for optimisation & improved conversion rates.

  • Inconsistent Messaging Across Funnel Stages:

Mistake: Providing inconsistent messages as leads move through the funnel.

Consequence: Confused prospects, leading to a loss of trust & interest.

  • Focus on Features, Not Benefits:

Mistake: Highlighting solution features rather than the benefits.

Consequence: Prospects fail to understand how your solution meets their needs.

  • Not Utilizing Automation Effectively:

Mistake: Underutilising marketing automation tools for lead nurturing and follow-up.

Consequence: Inefficient processes & missed opportunities for timely engagement.

  • Rushing the Sales Process:

Mistake: Trying to move leads through the funnel too quickly without allowing them to naturally progress.

Consequence: Prospects feel pressured & disengage from the sales process.

In conclusion, by avoiding these pitfalls, you can navigate the evolving B2B buyer journey with confidence & efficiency.

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