Brands to Leads – Driving the Buyer Journey 

  • Published: 19 March 2024,
  • The Say Team

Using a live example this month we’re highlighting the complexity of the B2B buyer journey, and how correct engagement generates quality leads & sales. 

Our goal was to deliver valuable, timely insights to help Gigamon’s prospects benchmark their IT & security strategies, whilst informing them on the role that deep observability across hybrid cloud environments can play in achieving a stronger security posture.   

Defining leadership in a new category 

As a hybrid cloud visibility company, Gigamon pioneered the ‘deep observability’ market, but was keen to underscore the role of this relatively new genre in securing IT environments.  


  1. Highlight the modern need for deep observability among industry security leaders 
  2. Solidify Gigamon’s position as a market leader in the space. 


To create a campaign targeting key decision-makers responsible for cloud or information security. To capture their attention, we ideated a global research campaign to reveal perceived confidence in the security of hybrid cloud environments vs the reality of data breaches & blind spots in IT infrastructure. 

Perception vs reality    

The theme of the survey was to understand the current perceptions of hybrid cloud security & paint a clearer picture of the security challenges, conducted across 6 regions in North America, EMEA & APAC.  Guided by Social Listening, questions revealed the understanding of “cloud visibility” & “zero trust”, with the goal of highlighting the discrepancy between security leaders’ perceptions of their hybrid cloud security & reality.  

The answers demonstrated the lack of awareness that IT & Security leaders have for hybrid cloud security & clarified the use cases for Gigamon’s deep observability offerings. 

Spreading the word 

Using the research insights, we designed a multichannel campaign to saturate the cloud security market with issue-driven thought leadership & media relations & creating rich-media assets like thought leadership videos, infographics, & engaging social media carousels. Using influencer engagement, we kickstarted word-of-mouth online for Gigamon’s deep observability solution with a readily engaged audience. 


The campaign exceeded expectations in every KPI metric. 58 pieces of media coverage, collectively reached over 1 million unique readers, leading to PR results that were 65% above target. Thanks to this coverage, Gigamon quickly climbed to the 3rd most talked-about company for “cloud” & “observability” within 5 months. 

On social media, a combination of infographics, thought leadership videos, & coverage posts allowed us to surpass our target for impressions by 20%. Website traffic & leads also outperformed goals, with landing page views climbing to over 1,100. This generated over 150 leads – a 34% increase on our projected figures.  

This brief mirrors the B2B challenges SAY navigates for its clients daily – building awareness & establishing market leadership in a complex & non-linear media landscape. 

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