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Mind the gap: Women in Technology

18 Mar - By The Say Team
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Diversity is essential within any industry to open a company up to a wider pool of talent and employees with varied experiences and opinions. However, industries such as technology, where women only make up 16% of the workforce, are still very male-dominated. Fortunately, over the last few years, Women in Technology communities have become more…

UK Tech – Where do we go from here?

02 Mar - By The Say Team
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31st January, 2020 was a momentous date in our nation’s history as the UK’s membership of the European Union officially came to an end. We’ve now officially entered the transition phase where we can sign our own trade deals and begin to negotiate our new relationship with the rest of the world. Whatever our personal…

The impact of technology in healthcare Cutting-edge technology is rapidly changing the healthcare landscape. When you look closely at the rate and level of innovation brought about by tech over the past few years it’s mind-blowing; from enhancing medical capabilities, widening the scope of treatment options, to changing the way we communicate with our healthcare…

2019 was not a good year for the high street. Big, stellar names such as Karen Millen and Coast disappeared, with no doubt more set to follow this year. Some fell foul by cutting their margins too fine, others failed to keep up with what customers really wanted, leading to empty shops and last-minute acquisitions. Personally…

Retail experiences are the new products

20 Nov - By The Say Team
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And technology is the clever retailer’s best friend… Consumer preferences are always evolving – today it’s polka dots, tomorrow it’s stripes. But the change we’re witnessing now is a big one, and so are its consequences: countless stores close as their profits shrink, while online continues to rule. Word on the street is retail experiences…

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