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Universal Robots Cobot Automation Tour 2019

12 Feb - By The Say Team
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Universal Robots’ UK Cobot Automation Tour 2019 tour kicked off today in Oxford! Attendees of the first of five UK events were treated to talks from Mark Gray, Area Sales Manager for Universal Robots UK/Northern Europe, and spokespeople from SICK and SKF Motion Technologies whom discussed and demonstrated how straightforward optimising production can be when…

The price of healthy eating

28 Jan - By The Say Team
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Obesity is extremely prevalent in the UK and in the most recent reports, it has been said that two-thirds of Britons are overweight. Due to this, healthy eating and the risks associated with a bad diet are at the forefront of people’s minds. Articles on this topic can be found every day in the newspapers…

Is Dr Google a 21st-century necessity?

11 Jan - By The Say Team
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On 27th September 2018, Google turned 20 years old. Throughout the last two decades, internet users have increasingly turned to Dr Google as a popular search engine to help self-diagnose health concerns. A study in late 2017 showed that in Britain alone, 75% of the population have treated an ailment or illness after Googling their symptoms….

11 women die every day from ovarian cancer. That is more than the number of people who die every day in road accidents. But we’ve never put out a press release saying that – it is a statistic that would grab attention, but it benefits no one to create a hierarchy of suffering. We do…

One of the greatest cybersecurity communication challenges facing us in 2018 is the plethora of unsuitable cybersecurity stock photos that simply tell the wrong story. In our first blog kicking off Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’ve rounded up some of the worst offenders to figure out what they actually say about the industry and just why…

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