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This might come as no surprise but online activity has risen exponentially during lockdown, seeing a one-year growth in the space of just three months. Of course, social distancing has caused some businesses to take a hard hit, but it has also created an exciting opportunity. To put it plainly, there have never been this…

Covid-19: The catalyst for UK industrial automation

05 May - By The Say Team
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Could this be the moment when UK manufacturing finally embraces robotics and automation? For decades we have lagged far behind our G7 counterparts. Yet even before the onset of Covid-19 there were signs this could be changing. The circumstances we now find ourselves in may even accelerate this adoption. People, Protection & Productivity When we…

The impact of 5G on digital marketing

20 Apr - By The Say Team
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Excitement around the next generation of internet connectivity is mounting, as it promises to revolutionise the way we interact with the world. The question for communications professionals is what will be the impact of 5G on digital marketing? More bandwidth, new experiences 5G vows to dramatically improve speed, capacity, and latency of internet connections thanks…

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