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It is unsurprising that physical retail is in decline, but the extent to which it is suffering is somewhat unprecedented. According to recent figures from PWC, a record net 2481 stores left the high street in 2018 – 40 percent more than in 2017. The number of store openings dropped by 17.4 percent, while the…

Education IT buying in the age of austerity

09 Aug - By The Say Team
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There are few areas of the UK that have been hit harder by the government’s austerity programme than state education. This has been typified by a recent exclusive from The Guardian which revealed that more than 1,000 schools across England are turning to crowdfunding websites and wish lists to raise money for basic supplies such…

Meningitis Research Foundation has been working with Say Communications to help boost our public consultation on a Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis. But with over 100 experts providing detailed information on the draft roadmap, why is a public consultation so vital for patient outcomes? It is our view that involving patients and the public at the…

Financial Sector Security

31 Jul - By The Say Team
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Today’s bank robbers have swapped their guns and ski masks for PCs, and while physical security will always remain important – in the modern climate, the onus is on security teams to defend equally against cybercrime. Among other reasons, this is due to the digitisation many processes within the business sphere; vast interconnected networks present…

Is The Transport Sector Operating On Borrowed Time?

10 Jul - By The Say Team
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The transport sector in the UK is a vast interconnected network, and only becoming more so with the introduction of new technology. However, despite its growing sophistication, the sector is plagued by constant delays, cancellations, strikes, and at times, seems to be struggling under the weight of its own infrastructure. Alongside these issues, sector professionals…

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