How human differences can affect communication success   “The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response” Milton H Erikson – American Psychologist Imagine your business is a theatre production.  You’re the Director; you have your cast, scripts being written and costumes under design.  You’ve got the makings of a…


Communicating the prevention message by Tam Fry

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Communicating the prevention message by Tam Fry   In its reaction to the latest National Child Measurement Programme [NCMP] figures, the Infant & Toddler Forum is quite right that the government must concentrate on preventative measures to prevent obesity. As far as I am concerned, “measures“ is the key word since Whitehall has consistently failed to…

Why is behaviour change so difficult? By Patrick Ladbury, Communications Manager at the National Social Marketing Centre.   Say Communications asked me to write a blog around this topic. My response was “I would love to”, and ideas immediately started running through my head about what I could write …until I got another email. A week…


Say Guest Blogs

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Say Guest Blogs   At Say Communications, we have the pleasure of working with key opinion leaders and influencers across the healthcare spectrum, from public health to clinical medicine. In technology, we work with leading spokespeople in the world of security and data. We have invited experts across healthcare, technology, med tech and beyond to contribute…


Barely Political – Social Media Influence

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Barely Political – Social Media Influence Social media plays a huge role in our private lives, however it is equally a tool for businesses to either keep in contact with their clients or actively sell via various different social media platforms. Similarly, political parties used social media to great effect, perhaps starting with Barack Obama…

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