The pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives and businesses have been a focal point of this change. Almost overnight, thousands of organisations around the world had to transform operations and find new ways of working to adapt to the new normal. This has left businesses and institutions across all sectors facing unprecedented cybersecurity…

Today in her InfoSecurity 2018 keynote, the ‘View from the Board: A CEO’s Perspective on Cybersecurity’, Baroness Dido Harding laid out her key learnings from the infamous 2015 TalkTalk data breach, which cost the telecommunications provider £400,000. Whilst some people may be loath to take lessons from Baroness Harding due to the controversy surrounding the…


Could hackers threaten your health?

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Could hackers threaten your health?   Like many industries, healthcare has been swept up in an ever-growing tide of technological innovation. New technology can increase the quality and capabilities of medical care without causing a corresponding increase in cost. However, this innovation also carries a degree of risk. Last year researchers from the University of…

Data Protection – Russia’s solution to a global problem   As communications professionals we’re taking a keen interest in the EU General Data Protection Regulation which looks set to be put in place by the end of the year. After all it has significant implications for how we process and store our customers’ personal data….

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