Global cybersecurity spending is set to exceed $300 billion by 2024, but with so many vendors in such a crowded marketplace, the ability to cut through the noise to successfully reach potential customers has never been more important.

Whether you’re a leading international company looking to transform your visibility in the UK/Europe, or a start-up staking your claim, we work in partnership with you to build integrated communications programmes that fulfil our digital communications brand-to-leads strategy. These programmes work to influence and change your buyers’ behaviours. How?  Because we focus on what matters most – insight. This insight sits at the heart of everything we do – consequently we deliver programmes that provoke debate and resonate with your customers, influencers and partners to ultimately drive end user demand.

A specialist in cybersecurity PR
Say is one of the leading cybersecurity PR agencies in the UK. Our team of industry specialists boast a deep understanding of what resonates with potential customers and what doesn’t. We recognise that in such unprecedented times influence is more important than ever and it’s even tougher when everyone claims to be an expert and every opinion has a voice. Our security industry knowledge and insight, marketing acumen and connections enables us to keep you one step ahead in this rapidly changing landscape.

PR, it’s an end-to-end sales approach
We take an integrated approach to our communications programmes. Our methodology comprises mapping the landscape and buyer journey and understanding what make personas tick; developing campaigns based on industry insights and on-trend topics that culminate in building brand awareness and driving a positive action.

We support our clients on a global scale through Sotiria, a dedicated agency network of specific cyber and physical security marketers. Each country agency boasts in-depth knowledge and insight of local security directives and legislations, and the network’s raison d’etre is counselling clients, building high octane communications programmes and delivering tangible results.

A rich cybersecurity heritage
Whilst the premise of what we do remains the same – to promote, build and protect brands and their reputations, our ‘how’ has evolved. Say is a PR agency for brands within the digital economy. By taking an integrated approach to PR and digital communications we meet today’s clients’ needs – to drive business results, faster.

With over 15 years’ experience of working with global technology security vendors we’ve built an extensive roster of longstanding clients from across the industry. Please see below a selection of recent case studies of the award-winning, results-driven work we’ve undertaken.



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International Outreach

We are the founding member of Plexus, an international network of like-minded B2B & B2C PR and Marketing agencies that serve brands across the globe.

International outreach for security clients

We support our cyber and physical security clients on a global scale through Sotiria, a dedicated network of specialised agencies.