Positioning an innovative offer in elderly care, challenging the Choice Gap

The social care market was dominated by big third sector players and private insurance companies, and the news agenda was saturated with stories about poor care, bed blocking and government policy.

The Challenge:

To cut through the noise and constant distraction of negative reporting on social care issues, and the muscle of established players, to bring to the fore Consultus Care’s unique proposition of live-in social and nursing care, which allowed the elderly to remain in their own home.


Using a report, infographic and targeted news angles we cut through negative headlines to secure national media coverage, putting live-in care and nursing on the map as a valid choice for consideration. A forward by Esther Rantzen and support from The Patients Association’s Ros Altmann, the Government’s Older People’s Tsar gave the message and the argument enhanced credibility and impetus.

“Our motto is ‘listening to patients, speaking up for change’ and the challenges facing elderly care today are many, and we feel action and change needs to happen if we are to avert a social care crisis…. This useful report identifies the existing gap in the choices of elderly care available, and how that gap can be bridged.”

The Patients Association

The Results Are In…

306M People reached
75 Pieces of editorial coverage including all key nationals
65% Key care / nursing and grey market media reached

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