What does it mean to be a millennial? Opinions vary greatly and it is difficult to disagree on the exact definition. Metro explained the generation as babies born from the 1980’s to the mid-1990’s. However, others might consider anyone born from the 1970’s up until 2000 to be a millennial. Despite the timeline debate, it…

Air pollution in London is a huge issue at the moment, which has many implications for our health. One way to tackle it is to get more vehicles off the road and more people cycling in London, which many employers are getting behind with their ‘cycle to work’ initiatives. I cycle to work and I…


How Helpful are Simple Health Messages?

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We all know them… 5 A Day, Act F.A.S.T, Vinnie Jones performing CPR to the Bee Gees – over the years, many a health message has been compacted into an easy to remember, snappy package. These are doubtless of great benefit to the general public; shortly after the release of Vinnie’s star turn, the British…


Australian Flu and the dilemma of naming diseases

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During the winter of 2017-2018 not a day passed when the Australian flu was not mentioned by the UK press. The British media turned talking about Australian flu into an epidemic in itself. So named because the main flu strain in the UK that winter was the same as in Australia, stigma was created by…

The NHS crisis The NHS crisis is seemingly ubiquitous in the news at the moment. Not enough beds, not enough nurses, not enough doctors, and not enough money. I start my mornings reading the healthcare stories in the newspapers, and I am constantly given the impression that the NHS is a giant sinkhole that nothing…

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