Celebrating World Health Day 2021

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As a healthcare comms agency, every day is World Health Day for us. It may sound cliché but we really do live and breathe all things health, from our casual conversations to the exciting campaigns we develop for our clients; health is the ever-present subject. Of course, at SAY we are a diverse group of…

Consumer spending habits change over time – there’s no doubt. However, COVID-19 has caused such a shift that instead of long-term change, we may be seeing the retail market heading in a whole new direction. Despite the cost, angst and disruption this has caused the industry, it also might not be a bad thing.  …

Retailers have had a lot to deal with during the pandemic. Aside from the closing, re-opening and possible threat of re-closing, they’ve had to weather occupancy management, excess stock and a new way of operating which shopping is not suited to. For retailers like Primark – brick and mortar only – there have been challenges…


Robotics is evolving, so too must its messaging

By The Say Team
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When we think of robots, generally two pictures spring to mind. First, many will picture robots that are synonymous with Hollywood or television – think Transformers through to the Cybermen from Dr Who. The other image that might spring to mind is industrial robots – caged behemoths in a manufacturing setting, carrying out often dangerous…

This might come as no surprise but online activity has risen exponentially during lockdown, seeing a one-year growth in the space of just three months. Of course, social distancing has caused some businesses to take a hard hit, but it has also created an exciting opportunity. To put it plainly, there have never been this…

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