This year’s Infosecurity Magazine report threw up interesting issues that six months ago we’d never have anticipated. Admittedly six months ago we’d never have dreamed of a pandemic leading to us being locked up at home, but the IT-specific issues that those sampled prioritised shows that as we evolve as an industry, we also can’t…


Covid-19: The catalyst for UK industrial automation

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Could this be the moment when UK manufacturing finally embraces robotics and automation? For decades we have lagged far behind our G7 counterparts. Yet even before the onset of Covid-19 there were signs this could be changing. The circumstances we now find ourselves in may even accelerate this adoption. People, Protection & Productivity When we…


UK Tech – Where do we go from here?

By The Say Team
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31st January, 2020 was a momentous date in our nation’s history as the UK’s membership of the European Union officially came to an end. We’ve now officially entered the transition phase where we can sign our own trade deals and begin to negotiate our new relationship with the rest of the world. Whatever our personal…

Artificial intelligence has been a recurring theme in film and literature since the ‘60s, and the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Terminator have left the majority of us misunderstanding its capabilities and for some, an outright distrust of the technology. Some worry it will take over the world, others think it’s just…

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