Securing national attention to deter criminal activity

Targeted media relations helped accelerated police forces’ adoption of the SmartWater Domestic Abuse Strategy

The Brief

West Yorkshire Police announced it had secured the first ever domestic abuse conviction using SmartWater.

Say was tasked with gaining national attention for the initiative to secure wider adoption.


SAY researched the best journalist to break this story & identified Shiona McCallum who works across all areas of the BBC & is passionate about using technology to improve women’s safety.

SAY then worked closely with Shiona, The SmartWater Group & the police to create a high impact story that could be packaged for co-ordinated publication across the BBC website, breakfast television, national & regional radio & on BBC Click.

SmartWater: The forensic spray helping keep women safe.

Shiona McCallum, Technolodgy Reporter, BBC News

The Results Are In…

7 Police Forces have adopted the strategy
3.2m Estimated views
41k Online engagements

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