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How to leverage Clubhouse in a B2B marketing strategy

28 Apr - By The Say Team
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Although Clubhouse was launched just under a year ago it is already valued at over $1 billion and its popularity is rapidly increasing. This iPhone-only, invite-only and audio-only social media platform remains fairly exclusive, but it is gradually being opened up to a wider audience. So how can it be harnessed by B2B tech companies…

Speak Out: ‘Why PR became my career choice’

12 Apr - By The Say Team
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Tell us a little something about you? Where did you grow up? I grew up on the South Coast in the New Forest, and after spending four years studying in Cardiff, I moved back and have been ‘waiting out’ the pandemic here ever since. I love to get out walking or running as much as…

Celebrating World Health Day 2021

07 Apr - By The Say Team
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As a healthcare comms agency, every day is World Health Day for us. It may sound cliché but we really do live and breathe all things health, from our casual conversations to the exciting campaigns we develop for our clients; health is the ever-present subject. Of course, at SAY we are a diverse group of…

The pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives and businesses have been a focal point of this change. Almost overnight, thousands of organisations around the world had to transform operations and find new ways of working to adapt to the new normal. This has left businesses and institutions across all sectors facing unprecedented cybersecurity…

Consumer spending habits change over time – there’s no doubt. However, COVID-19 has caused such a shift that instead of long-term change, we may be seeing the retail market heading in a whole new direction. Despite the cost, angst and disruption this has caused the industry, it also might not be a bad thing.  …

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