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Optimists have had a difficult time over the past year. However, there are many reasons to be hopeful about the future of healthcare. The next decade will see a major transformation in health systems and healthcare, driven in part by growing digital health capabilities and medical innovations. Here are some innovations and technologies that have…

Stick or twist? The future of HCP engagement

29 Jun - By The Say Team
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Communication touchpoints with HCPs rapidly transformed over the Covid pandemic, as restrictions on face-to-face (F2F) meetings forced companies to go virtual. For organisations looking to engage with HCPs this brought a host of challenges: how do you re-create meaningful engagement without F2F meetings, how do you maximise interaction with HCPs who now have very limited…

It should come as no surprise that, somewhere in between the constant reminders to wash our hands and warnings to socially distance, we have started to take our health and wellbeing more seriously than before. Backing this up, a recent Mind+Matter report reveals that most people are now adopting a proactive approach to managing their…

Gender health gap: Bridging the divide with communication

24 May - By The Say Team
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The UK Government recently announced its ‘Women’s Health Strategy’ consultation, which is seeking to collect views on women’s health over a 12-week period to help inform development of this strategy. This is the first government-led initiative of its kind in England, providing a platform for women to collectively share their healthcare experiences. The resulting strategy…

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