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It should come as no surprise that, somewhere in between the constant reminders to wash our hands and warnings to socially distance, we have started to take our health and wellbeing more seriously than before. Backing this up, a recent Mind+Matter report reveals that most people are now adopting a proactive approach to managing their…

Gender health gap: Bridging the divide with communication

24 May - By The Say Team
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The UK Government recently announced its ‘Women’s Health Strategy’ consultation, which is seeking to collect views on women’s health over a 12-week period to help inform development of this strategy. This is the first government-led initiative of its kind in England, providing a platform for women to collectively share their healthcare experiences. The resulting strategy…

You don’t need me to reiterate the universal impact of the pandemic on our healthcare system in the UK. Beyond those diagnosed with Covid-19 and healthcare professionals working tirelessly to treat them, we have seen the indirect effects Covid on those with cancer, heart failure, mental health problems and so many more conditions that I…

How to leverage Clubhouse in a B2B marketing strategy

28 Apr - By The Say Team
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Although Clubhouse was launched just under a year ago it is already valued at over $1 billion and its popularity is rapidly increasing. This iPhone-only, invite-only and audio-only social media platform remains fairly exclusive, but it is gradually being opened up to a wider audience. So how can it be harnessed by B2B tech companies…

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