Inspiring trade partners: ester-c, a cure for the common cold?

Say had previously launched Ester-C, a branded form of vitamin C, to the UK public and promoted it to vitamin manufacturers to ensure they included Ester-C in their product formulations.

The Challenge:

Following launch, Say was briefed to create annual impactful media campaigns to educate the public on the superior benefits of Ester-C and to give new trade partners a big story to leverage.


The second year’s campaign, fronted by cold expert Prof Ron Eccles, centred around the launch of new data on Ester-C’s effectiveness in staving off colds.  The campaign generated a ripple effect of spin-off activities by retailers.

“The educational campaign and trial publicity continues to stimulate ester-c demand and holland & barrett has also featured the products strongly this year. As a result of this success, we are now improving the product mix.”

Holland & Barrett

The Results Are In…

42% increase in year 2 sales compared to the previous winter
10% of the UK vitamin C market captured within 5 years of launch
100% of main supplements manufacturers / health-food retailers include Ester-C in brand portfolio

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