Although Clubhouse was launched just under a year ago it is already valued at over $1 billion and its popularity is rapidly increasing. This iPhone-only, invite-only and audio-only social media platform remains fairly exclusive, but it is gradually being opened up to a wider audience. So how can it be harnessed by B2B tech companies…


Speak Out: ‘Why PR became my career choice’

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Tell us a little something about you? Where did you grow up? I grew up on the South Coast in the New Forest, and after spending four years studying in Cardiff, I moved back and have been ‘waiting out’ the pandemic here ever since. I love to get out walking or running as much as…

Consumer spending habits change over time – there’s no doubt. However, COVID-19 has caused such a shift that instead of long-term change, we may be seeing the retail market heading in a whole new direction. Despite the cost, angst and disruption this has caused the industry, it also might not be a bad thing.  …

Retailers have had a lot to deal with during the pandemic. Aside from the closing, re-opening and possible threat of re-closing, they’ve had to weather occupancy management, excess stock and a new way of operating which shopping is not suited to. For retailers like Primark – brick and mortar only – there have been challenges…


Robotics is evolving, so too must its messaging

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When we think of robots, generally two pictures spring to mind. First, many will picture robots that are synonymous with Hollywood or television – think Transformers through to the Cybermen from Dr Who. The other image that might spring to mind is industrial robots – caged behemoths in a manufacturing setting, carrying out often dangerous…

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