Developing an influencer-led public health campaign


Occupational Therapists (OTs) help people to help themselves but their role and purpose in people’s recovery and wellbeing is often misunderstood. The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) – the membership organisation for OTs – was looking to use its annual awareness raising week – Occupational Therapy Week – to increase the public’s understanding of occupational therapy.

The Challenge:

RCOT tasked Say with developing a campaign to provide the public with preventative health advice from OTs while at the same time engaging and involving more RCOT members in the campaign launch than the previous year’s OT Week activities.


SAY developed RCOT’s first ever public health campaign: “Lift Up Your Everyday with Occupational Therapy (OT) Life Hacks.” The campaign mobilised RCOT’s 35,000 members as influencers to bring their expert advice to the nation in the form of ‘OT Life Hacks’: fun, simple, practical, achievable advice – delivered as short videos via free-to-access platforms that the public uses daily – to help people take small, positive steps to lift up their everyday lives at home, work, school and play.

AWARDED: Winner of two Communiqué Awards 2023, highly commended in the 2023 Corp Comms Awards, and a finalist in both the 2023 Creative Moment Awards and the 2023 Memcom Excellence Awards

Find out more about Say’s award winning campaign in our blog: SAY WINS COMMUNIQUÉ AWARDS FOR CORPORATE INFLUENCER CAMPAIGN BASED ON LIFE HACKS

“Lift Up Your Everyday with Occupational Therapy Life Hacks’ is a creative and compelling campaign which smashed its targets. The benchmarking data was excellent, and the objectives were set against clear KPIs. The judges were impressed by what was achieved with a modest budget and found the simple strategy impressive – the team recognised that its greatest asset was its people and members. A deserving winner.”

Communiqué Awards judge

The Results Are In…

> 7.8 M People reached
> 1,000 OTs delivered their professional advice as OT Life Hacks
82% increase in social media reach compared to previous year’s OT Week


Communique 2023 Award

Excellence in Engagement Through Social Media/Digital Channels – Under £50,000


Excellence in Corporate Communications


2023 Corp Comms Awards

highly commended

2023 Creative Moment Awards


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