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Universal Robots Cobot Automation Tour 2019

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Universal Robots’ UK Cobot Automation Tour 2019 tour kicked off today in Oxford! Attendees of the first of five UK events were treated to talks from Mark Gray, Area Sales Manager for Universal Robots UK/Northern Europe, and spokespeople from SICK and SKF Motion Technologies whom discussed and demonstrated how straightforward optimising production can be when…

Say Communication’s home town of Wimbledon is currently in the limelight because of the famous tennis tournament, but did you know that Wimbledon is also where the iconic 1970s BBC children’s TV show The Wombles takes place? As part of our ongoing Wimbledon celebrations, we’ll be taking pictures of Orinoco the Womble at locations all…


Australian Flu and the dilemma of naming diseases

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During the winter of 2017-2018 not a day passed when the Australian flu was not mentioned by the UK press. The British media turned talking about Australian flu into an epidemic in itself. So named because the main flu strain in the UK that winter was the same as in Australia, stigma was created by…

Today in her InfoSecurity 2018 keynote, the ‘View from the Board: A CEO’s Perspective on Cybersecurity’, Baroness Dido Harding laid out her key learnings from the infamous 2015 TalkTalk data breach, which cost the telecommunications provider £400,000. Whilst some people may be loath to take lessons from Baroness Harding due to the controversy surrounding the…


The Ultimate GDPR Playlist

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force today! Whether you are working in remediation activities or you are simply fed up with the deluge of emails, this GDPR playlist of (vaguely) related songs is for you! If you are rushing through reviews of consent guidelines and are wishing that today never came, stop worrying,…

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